Promoting Nigerian Brands

Proudly Naija Souk provides an exciting platform for vibrant and creative Nigerian fashion, accessories, beauty & body care and art brands whose excellent craftsmanship rivals their counterparts outside of Nigeria. We are passionate about promoting the beauty and ingenuity of our Nigerian brands and helping them get in front of the audience that matters to them abroad. 

The affordable luxury brands get access to a vast array of cosmopolitan audience to sell to and forge relationships with retail shoppers, independent boutiques, buyers, department stores and online stores.

Join our London edition, on Europe’s busiest street Oxford Street, London 27th November – 4th December 2022.


Our Brand DNA

At Proudly Naija Souk we would love to help show you off to the world.

Proudly Naija Souk is a platform that hosts a collaboration of pop-up stalls for indigenous, vibrant and innovative Nigerian brands

But we do so much more than provide a platform. We are specialists in our approach and use multi-channels to ensure our events creates awareness, generates interest and positive publicity to help grow your brand.

Our Culture